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by Phil Bustin on August 07, 2017
I have a need to have a popup appear when a checkbox is checked but a field does not contain a string.
by Kelly Olson on August 01, 2017
Allow Admins to restrict users from adding a file after an item has been approved in a workflow
by David Sheaffe on October 31, 2016
If you use custom transition buttons on a form you end up with a lot of white space if the action bar and viewport options on the form are...
Dimensions CM
by Anupam Mahajan on March 22, 2016
Dimensions CM tool is lacking functionality of exporting attribute / privilege / rules details and import at the similar form / role / item in other products or DBs....
by Brian Rosenberger on March 07, 2016
Hi, in Composer you can use dynamic values from the item using curly brackets notatation (i.e. {Submit Date}: {Title}).With such, you can refer to the {Item...
by Tom Clement on November 07, 2015
Add the ability to restrict records displayed in the relational grid to only the items currently selected in the multi-relational field.
by Felipe A. Mansilla on September 25, 2015
Add Option (may be a check box) that enables/disables the Message Window (confirmation) that pops up when Canceling or exiting a Post Transition. ...
by Lucie Mlynarova on September 01, 2015
The process designer would like to navigate user which field to fill in after the field which was just filled in.
by Phil Bustin on August 13, 2015
How great would it be to have a tool that clears just the cache you need to test a custom form?
9 results - showing 1 - 9

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