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by Cindy Davis on December 14, 2017
Work Center search facets are not allowed for user and relational fields.
by Lucie Mlynarova on September 26, 2017
Hi, There is Searching for Work Items and Reports in Work Center (SWC) now. But it is difficult to search for items in auxiliary tables via...
by Mike Kutner on September 08, 2017
In the old user interface, "ID Search" is always displayed at the upper left corner. If I enter an issue ID and then then the corresponding issue is displayed...
by Andrea Sassu on March 16, 2017
In the User Workspace view, you can be viewing an item or a report, and from that still utilize the basic ID search within a workflow. That's no longer...
Serena Request Center
by Jo Schott on December 16, 2016
The ability to create multiple Catalog Service Request Entries poining to the same Project and Submit form. This will allow to create much more user Friendly Catalogs -...
by Derek George on March 24, 2016
Users have reported not finding their reports when trying to search and setup a scheduled report in I have not tried in SBM 11 yet. ...
by David Berner on February 15, 2016
Regular expressions would be a great productivity enhancement for advanced users.
by Nobuaki Kedoin on January 12, 2016
This is an enhacement request for serch future in work center especially for Japanese.
by Paul Thompson on November 12, 2015
When doing a "Where Used" on a Field, Composer should include where the field is over-ridden in Workflows and Transitions. It would also be nice if Composer could...
by Steve Dieckbrader on September 16, 2015
SBM System Administrator, Options, Settings, Display tab allows you to enable/disable this global setting. Need this to be configurable on a user-by-user basis. Here is the use case: we...
by Franz Andel on August 17, 2015
I would like to be able to find items in work center by typing their mail recorder reference
by Gary Mayes on June 12, 2015
It would be great for us if it was possible to cusomise the fields returned for items in the WorkCenter smart search results.
by Phil Bustin on June 08, 2015
In Composer, prohibit text entry in field description (the text that appears when the user hovers the mouse over the field label in the UI) when the text length limit...
Dimensions CM
by Darren McLaughlin on June 02, 2015
Unable to find requests/baselines by Global Lifecycle stage.
14 results - showing 1 - 14

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